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Filter Maintenance (E & DL Series)

In order to optimize the performance of your ducted vacuum system, Cyclo Vac suggests you ensure regular maintenance of the filtration system.

Your ducted vacuum filtration system is made of two filters. The filter made of a thinner material (anticlogging filter) is reusable and designed to catch larger dust fragments. As for the filter made of a thicker material (Cyclofiltre), it stops any remaining microscopic dust particles. This filter can be washed in the washer (no bleach and cold water). Dry at low temperature.

  1. First, take off the dust canister.

  2. Pull on the slip of fabric at the base of the filters to remove them. Make sure you hand-wash or shake off the dust from the anticlogging filter (thinner material) every time you empty the dust canister. For the Cyclofilter (thicker filter), make sure you clean it at least once a year or after four emptying of the dust canister.

  3. To reinstall the filters, start by the filter made of a thinner material (anti-clogging filter) and then place the thicker material filter (Cyclofilter) on top. Both filters should be put back into the ridge of the filter frame. Be sure that the filters are absolutely dry before you reinstall them.

Ripped or thorn filters should never be reinstalled. Always examine the filters before reinstalling them.

Electrostatic Bag Maintenance (GS & GX Series)

You should replace the ducted vacuum bag when it is full, which will depend on how regularly you use the vacuum system. With the GX series ducted vacuum models, the intelligent monitor system indicates the right time to change the filter-bag.

  1. Start by removing the dust collector of the ducted vacuum.*

  2. Pull out, seal and toss the old bag.

  3. Position the new filter-bag ensuring the notches on the adapter are lined up with the bag's opening.

  4. Have the bag inserted completely (up to the retention ring). Then, rotate 20º to make sure it stays in place.

  5. Reinstall the dust collector of the ducted vacuum.

*Procedure is a little different if you own a GS110 ducted vacuum. Instead of removing the dust collector, remove the power unit's top lid.

You should also replace the disc-shaped filter (between motor and dust bag) after you have changed the filter-bag three (3) times.

Make sure you only use Cyclo Vac replacement filter-bags. Failure to do so could void the warranty on your ducted vacuum.

Ultra-Fresh* Permanent Filter Maintenance

This drum shaped filter doesn’t need any maintenance whatsoever! Cyclo Vac will take care of examining it when you’ll have your ducted vacuum inspected (after 500 hours of use of approximately 10 years).

*Ultra-Fresh is a trademark of Thomson Research Associates

Carbon Dust Filter Maintenance (Except models 110 and 210)

You should change the carbon dust filter after three bag replacements. The proper moment to change this filter will be featured on the LCD screen of your power unit if you own a GX Series ducted vacuum.

  1. Release the clip and open the carbon filter frame.

  2. Withdraw and get rid of the used filter.

  3. Slip in the new filter. Arrows printed on the border of the carbon dust filter should point towards you.

  4. Close the carbon filter frame and latch the clip

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